Celebrating Black History Month: Edith Renfrow Smith

108 years old. ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHT YEARS OLD. Edith Renfrow Smith. God Bless, indeed.

Heard her interviewed on NPR recently by the ever awesome Scott Simon, some highlights from this extraordinary conversation,

Remembering some of the famous leaders she’d met in her life,

Remembering the certainty with which her mother insisted she get an education and go to college,

Remembering that nice boy, Herbie Hancock (!), who lived across the street, friends with her daughter,

Remembering her grandparents born into slavery,

You can listen to the full piece here: https://www.npr.org/2023/02/11/1156305977/meet-the-woman-who-has-witnessed-over-80-years-of-black-history-in-chicago

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