Stuck in Grace

More funny, not so funny, looking for grace. Stuck at the mall, micro shopping with my kids.

I said 30 minutes. It was more like an hour. All good all good. I got there.

My two mantras:

1/ This time I’d given them, needed to be there for them; experimental commercial, instructional.

2/ Lessons to learn. You don’t *have* to spend all your money. If you don’t find what you want, don’t settle. Tried, tried to instill.

Full disclosure, I am not a shopper. I don’t mind buying things when I need them, but I want to be in and out of that transaction.

Walking around Old Navy… That’s an entirely different thing. Being in a medium-size mall, also not my preferred space.

But it was fine; and instructional; and we learned for next time.

And along the way, I found grace. Kept it with me close the rest of the day.


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