My Hybrid Faith

Very definitely and specifically, I was raised as a Christian.

I grew up going to church, I was an acolyte (altar server), and then went to a Jesuit university. That rooting in faith helped me through adolescence for sure. The particular Jesuit take on faith, service, and spirituality shaped me as an early adult.

All along though, I also believed that maybe the Christian tradition is not the only path we have to God. I know for many Christians this statement is heresy; for me, it’s seems simply being honest, and for sure not certain.

U2 plays song, where in part the lyric considers, “…like faith needs a doubt…”

Well that’s me. Not sure I’m Doubting Thomas…but I wonder. Seems only natural. Seems very human. Maybe it makes me a particular sinner, and if yes, so be it. After all, Christians say we are all sinners. Fine. But I’ll say this in the next breath, I’m a sinner with faith.

I know in the darkest moments of my life faith and prayer have carried me through. But in the next breath, I say that there must also be various channels God speaks to we humans, through time and space and traditions. That is what I believe.

This gives me a hybrid faith maybe, and if so, again so be it. In the end when I take my last breath, I will know. And that’s ok with me. Meanwhile, since we know not the hour or the day, I try to live my life as best I can. For myself, and for others. Living my hybrid faith.

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