Number 6:: Honoring Bill Russell

Some of you may know; others may be like me, didn’t know. Until now.

I DID know that (US) National Basketball Association legend Bill Russell died last year at the ripe old age of 88. A good life lived by any measure.

Some of his statistics of the many…

13 year career with the Boston Celtics

11 time NBA champion

5 time Most Valuable Player

And my two area favorites: grew up in Oakland, California, played college basketball in San Francisco.

Oh, and wore number 6.

So all the teams have had a number 6 patch on their uniforms this year (which I didn’t realize, since I haven’t watched much basketball until now with the playoffs). There are other ways the league is honoring Russell (read article in link at end for that).

Well, I can fully appreciate Bill Russell‘s achievements as a professional athlete, it seems to me the work he did in our society around social justice, racism issues, and advocating for those who did not have the same voice he did, those are the greatest of his achievements. All respect and props to him, may he rest in power.

For the full skinny from Yahoo Sports::

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