Torn Between

Torn between things, maybe one of truest descriptions of my life; earning for both, striving, but do I reach either?

Work to be a good professional, contributor at the workplace, then worn down, beaten, spent, feeling guilty for my ailments.

Want so much to share out the insights and humor and humanity I see, all around us, writing it, scribble it down before it evaporates to the ether, fear of being stuck staring at the blank page in the few free moments I find to write.

And then what to write, which form? Stripped down, Haiku-like, narrative, Op-Ed, choppy vague observation (like this piece!), whatever, gotta get it out.

Want to be a good dad, parenting across two households, bittersweet circumstance, wouldn’t trade for the world, my last bastion of true love and family,

Torn between the life I thought I’d live and the one I’ve lived so far; all best decisions, mostly; all true to me and the circumstances that have presented, my life meant to be torn between, possibility and practical, love wanted, love attained, no disdain, only love,

Torn between,


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