In the Middle

I often find myself in the middle, it seems. Just what does that mean?

It means I’m “sort of superstitious”, but not really. I trust and believe in science and statistics…mostly. 🙂

It means I haven’t completely tossed out the idea of shaman and talisman, but I think of these more as time-honored human history traditions, less as things that have an actual, practical affect on outcomes…mostly.

It means I might do little something’s sometimes to try to sway things my way…silly things, mostly, little bits to nudge the universe in a positive direction, for a positive outcome in my direction.

It means often enough my experience is in the middle; things not always going just as science and statistics and Stoics might say…

Medicine doesn’t always work 100% the way it’s intended…doctors and insurance companies always warn of us side effects and “the results of studies”…so even science isn’t 100% absolute.

And wait, maybe Stoics are somehow in the middle like me…after all, they do say, “Amor Fati – Love your Fate.”

Lots to ponder in life, that’s for sure. As I often say, “#goodstuff.”

And thanks for reading this little, pondering interlude…next blog post, back to Haiku Form for the month of May.

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