Paraffins, Aflas®, Kalrez®, and Stomping Little Boys:  You Learn Something New Every Day

Truth be told, I should begin this post with one “stomping little boy”, since that was the learning opportunity I was faced with last night as soon as I got home.

Since that lesson carried over to this morning, I decided to add it to the list for today.

Before lunchtime today I’ve learned (and re-learned) about paraffins, Aflas®, and Kalrez®. Such is the glamour of working in my particular sector of capital lab equipment.

All three materials have properties that make them particularly useful for a variety of applications, especially where smooth running (lubrication) and being able to withstand very high temperatures are essential.

Come to think of it, those traits are not only useful in industrial applications, but also with respect to dealing successfully with stomping little boys.  One little dude in particular comes to mind.

My son just recently adopted this strategy for effectively communicating his displeasure, or at least frustration, with any given situation.  Since he can’t really talk yet, he resorts to the time-honored tradition of “body language”.

I usually react with a mix of humor and sympathy.  While it’s somewhat comical to see him react in such an immediate and extreme way,  I also feel bad that he’s feeling the frustrations he experiences that lead him to the stomp.

And so I try to empathize, respond with understanding and be even-keel along the way. At the same time, I also curse my own short-coming, when I’m unable to figure out what’s bothering him, help him find a solution and otherwise ease his angst.

So the underlying lessons?  Stay cool when things heat up, keep an open mind (and your sense of humor), be “smooth”, and stay after it – coping gets easier, and solutions present themselves eventually. Sometimes it just takes longer than you’d like.

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