Welcome to the World, Baby Jude!

Sometimes the day starts off in a way you don’t expect, and it ends up being a timeless blessing.   Today was that sort of day.

I got a text message just after 7:00 AM this morning from my wife, letting me know a married couple we’re close with, who were expecting their first child any day, had gone to the hospital overnight when the woman’s labor began.  By the time I’d had my first cup of coffee, I learned that baby Jude had joined the human race, around 2:15 AM this morning.

The news disseminated a little slow obviously, vis a vis the actual progression of labor, but my joy sure wasn’t.

As I worked through morning emails and the task list for the day, I thought back to nearly four years ago when our first daughter was born.  The initial elation, wonder, uncertainty, and love that washed over me when I held that newly arrived baby in February of 2011 all came back to me.  Since then my wife and I have been blessed with two more children.  I experienced the same feelings when number two and three joined our family as well. And that’s really the central point in my view.

Children truly are a blessing, a gift from God, if you like.  Certainly all that they represent in our lives is from somewhere at least “beyond ourselves” (if you’re not a believer or otherwise a person of faith). The love and responsibility we are filled with when a child arrives into our lives is undeniable, and really like no other event we experience in life.

The sense of connection and immediate elevation of purpose are what parents need to focus on to be the best for their children.  Whether you have one or five it’s the same thing.  Pretty well everything that happens in a child’s life can be mediated and made better with a parent’s favorable involvement.

Regardless of the other areas in life where you might mentor, teach, guide, or manage other people, parenting is really the apex of opportunity to make a lasting, positive effect on another person’s life. So if you’re a parent, start each day with that motivation in mind and watch how perspective on everything else comes into focus.

Our children look to us for everything.  We have no higher purpose than to fill their lives with guidance, support, inspiration, love.  Welcome to the world, baby Jude, and feel the love wash over you!

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