Two Examples for GOOD: Using Your Voice, Making a Difference

I’m a BIG fan of twitter.  There are two main reasons.

First, I love the twin effect of having an immediate voice to the world for anything and everything GOOD that comes to mind.  I also love the fact that I find SO much GOOD coming from every corner, including sources I know and of course, many more I don’t know.

Twitter is how I found the following two super-fine examples of good happening in the world.   Together they are a perfect example of the GOOD I’m talking about that I come across every day.

These two individuals are both women and both are Egyptian.

I don’t know if they know one another (via twitter or otherwise), but in my humble opinion, they should.   One is now living part-time in the United Kingdom as well as Egypt.  The other splits time in the United States.

They are two voices that resonate for women, for children, for freedom, for tolerance, for all.

First there is Mona El-Tahaway.  She is a feminist writer and public speaker on Arab & Muslim issues.

Mona has a massive 291k tweets, 208k followers, and 21.2k favorites.

Her twitter handle:  @monaeltahaway

You can learn more about her here:

And you can get a very compelling and engaging voice from Mona’s talk at TEDx Amsterdam here:

Then there is Nelly Ali.  She is researcher who strives (successfully!) to advocate for street kids and thus provide insights on education, society and culture in Egypt and beyond.

Nelly Ali has a more modest 22.5k tweets, 21.4k followers and 5,976 favorites.

Her twitter handle:  @nellyali

You can read more about her, and by her at:

The GOOD is out there.  It’s all about finding it and sharing it.

If any of this resonates for you, you can do the same.  Via twitter, or any other channel that suits you.


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