2015: The Year of GOOD Content

After more than a month hiatus from blogging, I feel a new, expanded sense of purpose and direction in the new year.  No surprise really, since January frequently brings to the fore new goals, new vision, new dreams for folks.  Weight loss, regular exercise, financial and profession advancement or otherwise positive change…all these fall into that same bucket.

My personal goal for 2015 is to turn up the engine on “content output.”  A couple bloggers I follow inspired me to reach further than I have thus far. They post regularly, nearly every day in fact, with some insight, story, thread that makes my day a little better. I want to do the same for others.

It’s really all about discipline at the core.  Write AND POST regularly, and especially when the spirit moves you, don’t ignore it.

Up to this point I’ve used other social media channels (twitter, facebook, instagram) to provide an “inspiration fix” when the GOOD comes across my path and I act to share it with the world. That practice will continue.   What will change is the regularity of posts on this blog.

Most every day I come across something, have some experience, witness some event or action, which reminds me that life is in fact “half full.”  My aim now is to turn that witnessing into regular content, to help others realize it can be “all good”, if only we see it that way.

Get Ready…Get Set…and once again, ONWARD.

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