Celebrating New Inspiration In The House

A new development occurred this weekend that I just have to share my perspective on, it’s SO close to home.

I’ve been blogging and otherwise writing for external consumption off and on over the past dozen years.  I’ve been at this particular effort via a couple different portals for more than a year.  It’s one of the best things I do (not so much the results or feedback — though there’s inspiration there too), mostly because it’s my own personal voice to the world.

It just so happens that my wife, SCL, has decided to get into the blogging space, and launched her own blog this weekend.   This event is exciting for me for at least a couple of reasons.

First, her writing efforts will spur me to more regular, thoughtful writing.  Now that there are two bloggers in the house, we’ll have to eek out minutes here and there between us to get our posts completed in the midst of taking care of our three little kids and two dogs.  Should be no shortage of dynamics and creativity and inspiration there!

Second, I love listening to my wife’s written voice (her audio one too, as a matter of fact).  She’s an English teacher by profession, a reader and writer by passion, and any chance I have to read something that results from here pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) is worth the time.

Insights I might not otherwise experience as an “outsider” are now accessible.  Revelations are sure to result, as will a deeper understanding on my part of her beautiful mind. Of course, I’m biased I know, but I think she has a lot of keen observations and perspectives that are worth sharing.

So as 2015 continues to unfold, there’s one more reason to be excited, and that I am.  If you want to check out SCL’s blog, it’s right here: http://writeoutofchaos.blogspot.com/


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