Follow the Muse to Good Things

It happened quite innocently really.

A co-worker said to me this morning, “Have you heard of Pablo Casals?”  I hadn’t.

Apparently he is one of the greatest cellists of all time, who died some forty years ago.  My friend had heard a short piece on NPR interviewing another cellist, a much younger virtuoso named Amit Peled who now plays Casals’ cello, the very instrument the great master played, made around 1700.

So I looked up Pablo Casals and read about him.  I wanted to learn about Peled too, so I looked him up. Then I found this great introduction, not only to what  Peled’s about, but also about the cello, the great master Johann Sebastian Bach, and his Six Suites for Cello.

When I found the Six Suites on Youtube, the cellist playing was none other than Yo Yo Ma (another great cellist of our age).  And then that got me thinking about Ma’s diverse portfolio of work, all the genres he’s played in, including the Goat Rodeo Sessions. From J.S. Bach to the hybrid, funky sounds of the Goat Rodeo.

What a fun ride! And FASCINATING.

All this easy, joyous learning happened by way of a blistering journey throughout the morning, quick little breaks in between tasks to learn more.  In the midst of it all I realized this experience can happen any time.  What’s more, just the act of briefly pursuing something that’s sparked interest, something new and different, provides fresh energy to the day.

It also gives us something to be excited about for future, later that day, that evening, whatever.  If you choose (which I would suggest you do!), share the little muse with someone else, share a little of the excitement. It will lead to good things.

One thought on “Follow the Muse to Good Things

  1. Susan

    I think I heard about this too. Was it the guy who refurbished the older guy’s cello and is playing his exact concert today – the 100th anniversary of the concert?

    It was a cool story. He talked about the cello smelling like his predecessor’s cigars. That idea of having a sensory reminder of someone who inspired you is so cool.

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