Good Conversation is GOOD for You

Taking a page from one of my favorite bloggers, I’m going to keep this short and sweet today, going with the inspiration that’s shaped the day thus far.

Recently one of my oldest and dearest friends and I started connecting for quick, early morning chat sessions about once a week.  Typically I’m on the road to the office around 630am (California Time), and that works well for him (an hour later in Colorado).

It’s been a real treat to talk with him more frequently, and a blessing too, as it’s spurred some good conversation on varied and interesting topics.  Sometimes we touch on something more neutral that we both might have an opinion on, sometimes something in particular that one of us has going on (work-related, family stuff, etc.)

Today we had a bit of both.   It started with hamburger joints, nutrition, and the obesity epidemic in the US.  Near the end we talked a bit about the cross-over of education and the business world in the realm of leadership.  My buddy’s recently been engaged with the PEBC and is finding new avenues for his skills and experience, from 20 plus years in education (classroom and otherwise).

By five minutes after 7:00am, I was into the next activity of this fine Friday the 13th with a spark and energy I didn’t have prior.  All because I’d had a short chat with an old friend with whom I can always count on to stir up interesting, thought-provoking, sometimes humor-laden conversation that does me good.

I suggest you reach out to a friend, old or new, today.  Be  present in the conversation and let the chat go where it may.  Enjoy the very experience of the exchange.  It’ll do you good too.

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