Little Spark, Big Motivator

I realized yesterday after it was done that the post I’d written wasn’t as short as I thought it’d be.

Had to leave that first sentence in though, since it was Fred Wilson’s post that morning that spurred me in the first place. And giving AVC props just seemed like the right thing to do.

Today’s post should in fact be short and sweet.

It’s really just a shout-out of gratitude for two recent comments left by readers.

Relationship Malarkey (blog “” ) left a nice note, as did my Better Half ( The comments provided a little spark to spur me along, a little indication that things are resonating, a big motivator to stay on track.

Haven’t received much on the way of posted feedback on my blog, and it’s amazing how a little goes a long way in providing encouragement.

Pretty stoked that Viewers/Readership has increased, so big thanks for that too.

If you get the chance to make a nice comment today you should do it. You might be surprised at the effect it has.

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