Don’t Be A…

I dealt with a person and related situation this morning that has me thinking once again about actions and attitude.  There are two main takeaways from the circumstance.

First, it reaffirmed my belief  – no surprise – that attitude trumps everything else when it comes to acceptance and maximum utility of the moment.  Regardless of the adversity (or not) you face, it’s up to YOU to have a positive attitude.

That doesn’t mean it’s always easy or automatic or even makes much sense sometimes.  You might have every reason to be happy.  but feel grouchy anyway. You might face a series of difficulties that give you plenty to feel mad or sad or frustrated or defeated.  In either case – or any in between –  it’s up to you to see the world the way you want to see it.

The other big takeaway was an affirmation that we can influence people from anywhere, and that we sometimes might have effect on others we don’t realize.  This fact means that as often as we can, we should think about possible results of our actions before we act.  We never know the full scope of our influence.  We might make someone’s day that we didn’t know we had such power to effect.   It can also happen that we might negatively effect someone we don’t intend to.

This observation doesn’t mean we need to analyze and put-off making decisions and taking actions.  We need not be frozen into inaction by the possible depth and breadth of our words and deeds.  But we should take our actions seriously and do what we can to effect others positively rather than negatively whenever possible.

In other words?   Have a Good Attitude, and…


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