“Have a Good Day”

Pretty much every time I part ways with someone, I say “Have a good day.”

I did it with my wife this morning following a peck on the cheek.  I did it with the daycare lady and my kids when I dropped the brood off earlier this morning.

You might think that’s sort of a throw-away line or at least a little trite.  I considered that possibility this morning as I drove south on the highway.  My conclusion?  At least from where I’m coming from, I mean what I say.  I want each and every person I see to “have a good day.”

Thinking more about it, I might be more accurate to say, “Make it a good day.”  After all, it’s up to each of us to find the right attitude for ourselves to be positive and productive (however you define it), and happy each and every day.  So I offer the phrase not so much as a wish, but as a simple gesture of encouragement.

Have a good day.  Make it so.  Everyone will be better off as a result.  After all, GOOD is contagious.

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