Letting Things Slow & Go

First full day of vacation and purposeful slow time is under way. A later night and a typical early morning and a long day of nothing have me mindful of letting things go.

Stiff sticky shirt and shorts from ocean water now dry? Ok. Sand dust still on my legs, between my toes? Fine. Laughter upstairs of good convo I might be missing? Oh well. 

To my left my son lightly snores. To my right my daughter sleeps silently, her left arm over her head. It’s getting towards five o’clock in the afternoon. Tired from the morning on the beach, and early afternoon playing with their cousin. 

We work at such a feverish pace usually, the task list long and demanding, that when “doing nothing” is your primary objective it feels a little weird. You feel a little guilty. Then you remember, “Oh yea, I’m on vacation. This is good for me.”

Yes it is.

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