Friday Faves, Issue #2

Continuing with the Tim Ferriss — inspired blog post, Issue #2 of The Friday Faves series on Half Full, All GOOD.  This week there’s a bit of a thread.  Not too hard to find it.

So, here ya go…enjoy the muse!”

Destination of the Week:  Bentley, Western Australia.  Near Freemantle, the place made famous  by John Butler, the singer/songwriter/guitar/banjo player extraordinaire…also the location of Curtin University, great work being done there.

Quote of the Week:  “And before you leave the market, see that no one has gone away with empty hands. For the master spirit of the earth shall not sleep peacefully upon the wind till the needs of the least of you are satisfied.” ~ Khalil Gibran from THE PROPHET

Band of the Week: Chingon.  Robert Rodriguez’ band.  Re-introduced this week.  Great sound! Andale’!

Meal of the Week:  Breakfast Tacos, also inspired by Robert Rodriguez!

Website of the Week:   Local coalition of folks who have a great vision for the neighborhood.

And that’s a wrap for the week!

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