Finding Magic in the Mundane

We all have activities we find aren’t very stimulating.  As a result, we might find ourselves avoiding such tasks in favor of more exciting, fun work.  This circumstance can bubble up in your professional life, especially if you have an office job of some sort.  But it can also pop up at home, with the inevitable chores of daily or weekly life that require our attention.  Think doing laundry, washing dishes, or picking up after little kids.

But like so many other things I tie to attitude, having a good one (attitude) about doing the mundane work in life makes all the difference.  If nothing else, treat it like exercise (which you may also find yourself avoiding).  Daily exercise in whatever manner suits you is good for your physical health and your mental health.  It makes you feel better, if only by feeling the sense of accomplishment at finishing an arduous effort.

One key is good attitude.  The other important factor is a sense of focus.  You have to get after your task with resolve, refreshed concentration, and a sense of purpose.  It doesn’t have to be an overblown, theatrical affair. Simply take a few deep breaths, get a drink of water, stretch, and settle into accomplish the activity.  If it’s going to take many steps to complete the work, attack them in manageable amounts.  Make your list, and start checking tasks off as they are completed.

Whether your at work or at home, it’s all about your approach, and your attitude.  Make them both GOOD, and the results will follow.

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