“It’s Not Rocket Science”

WW108_warrior_Leopard2011[Image of Wouter Weylandt c. 2010, racing for Leopold Racing]

“Focus and Perseverance go a long way. In other words? Hard Work Makes the Difference.”

Most things aren’t incomprehensible. Complex?  Sure. Takes some effort — sometime a LOT of effort — to understand and master?  Absolutely. But with most activities the majority of us need to master to live a happy, fulfilling, productive life (however that’s defined), those skills don’t amount to “rocket science”, as the saying goes.

To be sure, many things in the world take practice to get better.

Studying various disciplines and increasing one’s knowledge are varied subject matter, as well as honing the practical skills necessary in life — reading, driving, using technology, cooking, keeping track of your money — and at work, learning new professional skills, successfully accomplishing expected tasks in your current job, finding your way along whatever career path you’ve created or otherwise happened upon, and of course learning about any variety of academic subjects — these all require a similar approach:   Learning, Practice, Repetition.

The common traits necessary to work through any particular problem, issue, etc. require focus and concentration.  Often times “concept understanding” is needed as well, to have the right vocabulary and way of thinking about whatever the topic at hand might be. And of course, the other big factor important to being successful working through a problem?  TIME.

So often we try to speed through our work, find a short-cut, try the easy way to get to the finish line; this very strategy can “bite us in the ass”, as I hear around the shop.  Even seemingly complicated, technical activities require time more than anything else to finish the work, to accomplish the goal.

Whether it’s balancing your checkbook, working through project planning at work, fixing something in your house, or making a meal, the recipe remains simple:

Understanding + Focus + Time = Goal Achieved, Mission Accomplished.

The willingness to apply one’s self and commit to the hard-work repeatedly over a long period of time together establish the underlying theme for being successful in life.  It’s not rocket science, but there’s really no magic involved either.  It’s up to YOU. So if you want it, GET AFTER IT.

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