10 Words or Phrases You Should Use More Often

At the end of the day, a good attitude goes a LONG way toward being more agreeable, appreciated, feeling satisfied with life.

Some of the ways you can foster a good attitude for yourself include being grateful, taking responsibility and not blaming others, helping people in need, being polite, humble, and hmm…did I mention being grateful?

Given the Thanksgiving holiday tomorrow, thought this list was rather timely.

  1. Thank You
  2.  I’m sorry.
  3. I appreciate your time.
  4. Please
  5. Let me do that for you.
  6. After you, please.
  7. Have a good evening.
  8. No problem, I’m happy to help.
  9. Great Effort!
  10. I love you.

So try some of these out.  Especially, well…all of them.  Even in this troubled world with poverty, racism, terrorism, with ISIL and other global antagonists in the news every day, it’s still the only world we have, and we have to live together.



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