Friday Faves, Issue #15

On this “Black Friday”, my mood is anything but gloomy, as we celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.  Chalk full of family, friends, and Soul Time, couldn’t be much more thankful.

And so,  another edition of Friday Faves to add a little more GOOD to the universe.  Enjoy the list, enjoy the weekend!

Destination of the Week:  Villahermosa, Mexico is one of the centers of the oil & gas sector in that country.  It’s also the capital of Tabasco state.

Quote of the Week: “Rebellion against tyrants is obedience to God.” -Ben Franklin

Band of the Week: What can I say?  Thinking back to the formative years,  Zebra was a band I enjoyed, embraced, and rocked to. Still think they’re cool today.

Meal of the Week:  Turkey Leftovers, Times 6 Recipes!

Website of the Week:  I’ve followed Fred Wilson for a while.  He’s a business guy, and a whole lot more.  He’s a great voice on the web and inspired me to fire up my blog. Check him out.  This particular post resonated in a special way, given the very means I’m sharing all these thoughts with you. Direct Connection, indeed.


REMINDER:   Your comments are always welcome! LOVE to hear what you have to say, GOOD or otherwise.  If you fancy twitter, you can follow more of the muse via that micro-blogging site:  my handle is @jhludlum ~

Enjoy the weekend!

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