It seems alternately easy (when it’s easy), but also quite difficult a lot of the time.  How to cope with, overcome, resolve difficulties in life?  One key skill is being able to DETACH.

Cambridge defines the word thus:  “To separate or remove one thing from another thing.”

In the context I have in mind, it means separating your ego, your emotion, from any particular situation that is challenging you.  The result?  You remain engaged with your intellect to solve the problem.

This concept is not my own, but it’s certainly an idea I’ve been trying to apply to my own life to live better, live happier.   How so?

Of late it’s been in the swirl of chaos that often characterizes life at home with three little kids, my wife and I busy with work, and my being increasingly involved in my own aging parents’ lives.  There’s a danger of being tripped up everyday by some unexpected challenge or disruption of schedule and planned activities.

Sometimes it’s one thing after another, a pile of problems seemingly rising before my eyes.

Then emotional waves come crashing down, and it’s in this very moment I would do best to check my ego and DETACH.  At this critical juncture it is my choice how I respond. You have the same opportunity.  How we react is up to each of us to any situation.

We’re best served by letting the frustration, the conflict the unexpected difficulties, with the anger and doubt and hopelessness and fear of failure that comes along…let it all GO.  Make note of the emotion(s) experienced at the awn-set that temporarily paralyzed you, but then let go.

Let it go and focus on the most immediate issue at hand, and find the best solution to deal with the most immediate issue.  Concentrate on finding the best accommodation, compromise, or solution, and be done with it.

Detach.  Deal.  Done.  What’s that amount to?  A damn fine way to stay happy, and move your life forward.


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