Curb Walk


Lately I’ve been walking at lunch.  No biggie, right?  Yea sure, lots of people have taken to a walk during lunch.  It’s a good chance to digest a little, get some fresh air, and refresh you mind for the afternoon’s work.

I’ve tried to incorporate a little twist into my lunch walks, when I’m feeling particularly…creative, I guess.  I started walking on the curb.  The inspiration for this peculiar practice?  It comes from a couple of places.

First, in the little business park where I work  there are only sidewalks on some of the streets.  For some reason the developers who designed the business parks in the area figured people would only walk on some of the streets, apparently.  So it’s walk the curbs, or you’re in the street.  Then again, this is only part of my reasoning. Lots of people walk on the side of the road, the gutter, etc.

The main reason is that I feel like the practice gives me just a bit of a balance challenge and thus gives my 10 minute walk a little more value.  At least I like to think so.  Today I walked around the whole business park where my office is.  On the curb.  This is the first time I did it the whole way (mostly I’ve just been walking the curb on a portion of the walk).  It felt good.

The reasoning behind attaching value to “balancing” comes from something an old physical therapy friend, Roberta, said to me.  I remember her telling me one time that mixing up your exercise activities, including some balance tests/practice, was a good idea.  It encourages micro-movements that strengthen muscles that wouldn’t otherwise get worked.

So I’ll keep on with this new practice and see if I notice any micro changes from the micro-movements.  Regardless, I’m enjoying the variety.  The main thing is to get up and get moving.  It’ll improve your fitness, and your attitude.  Find something that inspires you to do so.  The curb’s working for me.


Get UP_curbwalk_april2016


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