Friday Faves, Issue #37

Start to finish, Friday Faves this week is in tribute to one of the greatest musicians, performers, entertainers of his time:  PRINCE

Destination of the Week:  Chanhassen, Minnesota ~ the location of Paisley Park, Prince’s studio and residence.

Quote of the Week:  “I’m not going to be sick anymore…an angel told me so.” ~Prince as a child to his mother, regarding seizures he had periodically when he was young.

Band of the Week:  The Revolution ~ Prince’s crew, a bunch of rocking musicians capable of playing the wide variety of music Prince was known for.

Meal of the Week:  Spaghetti & Orange Juice – Prince’s favorite meal when he was coming up in the music business, according to one source anyway.

Website of the Week: Prince was a fan. And honored by this organization for his stand on e-related issues. Looking out for your rights in a whole new way.  The Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Prince Rogers Nelson ~ Rest In Peace (1958-2016)


REMINDER:   Your comments are always welcome.  Love to hear what you have to say, GOOD or otherwise.  If you fancy twitter, you can follow more of the muse there. My handle is @jhludlum ~

Enjoy the weekend!

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