These passed few weeks have been a little sideways with atypical issues demanding attention in my life.  It’s been busier than usual, hard to squeeze out any time for the fun stuff, like writing in this blog.

The silver lining?  I got a new hashtag idea.  Didn’t research it, just decided it’s worth using, for now anyway.

It refers to something I’ve become for my elderly parents.  Not that they’re living in my house.  With three little kids, my wife and I have no time or space to have two seniors living with us.

Fortunately, my parents live in a good home that provides complete assisted living services. Exactly what they both need given their condition.  But my brother and I are the ones who are now managing all of their affairs.  Everything.  Bills, health issues, legal matters, transportation, insurance companies, .

The tables are turned as they so often are.  Grown children taking care of their parents. We are their caregivers now.

It often gets tough, trying to manage and respond to competing interests.  The trump card for me is this:  there’s no higher calling than helping elderly folks have dignity and some comfort at the end of their life.  It’s right up their with being a parent.

It’s up to us to make their life as good as it can be at this point. Giving time, giving energy, giving care.


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