Take It In Stride…

I say this all the time, “Take it in stride.” When talking to people about facing difficulties, unexpected tragedy, lose, etc.  that’s typically in my response somehow.  The thing is, when I say it to other people, I’m saying it to myself too.

I really believe in this philosophy to my core.  The idea is simple:  Take whatever comes at you as if you’re walking or running along, and don’t let the thing upset your progress, don’t let it break your stride.

Of course I well understand that some things happen that effect our progress forward, sometimes not only breaking our stride but knocking us to the ground with a “thud!”.  The point isn’t really whether we get knocked down or not, the point is that it’s up to each us to keep moving forward.

I was talking to my mother yesterday about pain — she’s been struggling quite a bit of late — and I said, “Mom, you’ve got to try to relax, take deep breaths, and sort of lean into the pain.” I’m no pain management pro, but I know that by relaxing and focusing on breathing, you reduce your susceptibility to the pain your experiencing.

I also believe that once you accept the pain as reality and then work to lessen the effect, then you’re making progress toward improving your life.  And if you’re improving your life, you’re living well, pain or not.

Indeed, as Scott Peck wrote once, something like, “We are all of us the walking wounded…” – in addition to the context Peck referred to, I would add, “we all struggle, we are all challenged countless times in our lives.  It’s how we respond matters most.  Don’t avoid difficulty, improve the way you respond to it.”

When you get knocked down, how fast can you get back up and keep going?  Try it, I know you can do it.

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