Whoops…That’s Life…Keep Going


Sometimes life gets away from you.  Days and deadlines pass, the to-do list blows up, unforeseen issues come up that demand your attention.  Those issues take hours — ones you didn’t plan on allocating — to resolve issues.

That’s ok.  That’s just life.

The key point here is how you respond to said situations.

It was a busy week last week in my world, that’s for sure.  Between managing and providing care for elderly parents, the usual activities on the home front with three little kids, a charity golf tournament my Lions club was putting on, and Father’s Day celebrations, well…before I knew it, it was Sunday night!

I’d realized that I hadn’t posted during the week, Friday Faves for the week had vaporized, and there I was.  And here I am, actually.  Could have typed this out last week to share a little insight, but just didn’t get it done.

The result?  Is the blog permanently damaged?  I don’t think so.  Friday Faves will be back this week.  And the situation also gave me another simple example of the attitude I’m trying to promote at work, at home, in the world:

“Look on the bright side…”

“Find the silver lining…”

“Life is how we make it, happiness is a choice, make the best of it…”

Half Full, All GOOD.”

So I say, “Whoops!  Things didn’t go as planned.  Oh well.  Gonna make it a better week this week.  ONWARD.”


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