A troika of good came together last evening that I’ve just got to share.

I was in between the end-of-workday and an evening meeting.  I had enough time for a couple tacos, then a stop at a local watering hole; might call it a dive bar. there were about twenty people living life when I walked in.

Meanwhile, 3,000 miles away, the Democratic National Convention is happening.  The politicians are talking. The media’s trying to tell the story. The Big Fight is coming which will determine who lives in the White House for the next four years.

I sit on my bar stool and think, “I love America.”

There’s a ton of global shit going down — economic struggles, ISIS, poverty, murderous conflicts, climate change, suffering, hunger, human migration, etc. — yet these peeps around me in this bar are just trying to get by. Take a bit of time and enjoy a little.  You know, live.  Which we all have to do.

Of course this “living” is going down in everywhere around the world, in hundreds of languages and settings, all the time.  People trying to enjoy life a little, be happy, have a laugh, a drink, a smoke, a lay. EVERYWHERE.

But somehow it feels like here in America, we have a little better chance. Maybe it’s the plenty, the roads, the systems, the weather, the safety, the reliable utilities.

Whatever you say it is, I say it’s freedom, and cold beer, and opportunity, and a basic good. And I’m damn lucky to be here.  And I’m grateful.

So I finished my drink, and headed off to my evening meeting, a regular gathering of old friends.  That rounded out my troika:  tasty tacos, a little reflection time over a beer in a cool place, and then connecting with friends.  One, Two, Three.  GOOD.

Like America.

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