Renewed Effort

I’ve definitely fallen off my blogging routine since the spring months commenced.  Lots of factors, but it all comes down to effort.

Other matters have demanded more time, more thought, more effort.  I’ve waned of late with the thought thread that usually provides the root of the entry I end up posting.  So today making the effort to bring things back around a bit.

Lots of changes have been in play, and a better effort is at the core of the lesson I offering today.  Making a better effort means letting yourself off the hook, picking yourself off the ground, dusting off, and making an assessment about where things stand.

Improving a relationship, getting more exercise, tightening your focus at work, being more present at home with your family, playing the guitar a little more often, cleaning out the attic.  These are just some of myriad of areas where more effort will do you well.

For me today effort means working to finish a manuscript, laid to the side for a few months now.  It means changing the sheets.  It means cutting my hair.  It means getting dinner going early for the family.

All these things required particular effort with a reset to GOOD.  Done. Onward.

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