New Company? Write Again

It’s been 51 days since I started the new day gig, and it’s been a hoot, I gotta say. It’s
been such a hoot that my writing has taken a back-seat to the New Job Wave I’ve been riding, the ramp-up period, the climb up the learning curve.

But I still strive to write just a bit and frequently.

Following two of my favorite bloggers/doers-of-good, Seth Godin and Fred Wilson, I want to write every day, ideally.  So today I’m getting back to it and writing like Fred often does: he writes about “work”, his observations, what he learns, insights he comes across.

I’m feeling pretty damn lucky to be at this new company. So far so good.

What’s good about it?  It’s got nice people, it’s in an interesting industry, it has a cool company culture and vib, I feel energized about the work and opportunity, and there’s a ton of learning about systems and processes. I love it. I mean LOVE IT.

Want an example of “cool [invaluable!] company culture”?  Check out our QUALITY POLICY:

“Our company is committed to providing high quality products that meet customer expectations and comply with regulations. We will achieve these goals by adhering to and maintaining an effective quality management system designed to ensure product quality, reliability, performance, safety, and continual improvement.”

I’ve always enjoyed and believed it best working in a company (or any organization) that focuses on quality.

Why? Quality means more GOOD. I like that.  Oh yea, and the company?  Pac Bio.  Check ’em out here.

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