Drawn. Quartered. 

You might think by the title that this post is going to touch on medieval torture and the particulars of that violent protocol. Not so much.  In this case though, the concept of drawn, and then quartered, is instead a little spin on well-known time and worry management strategy.  Or actually two strategies, technically.

For me, one idea begets the others.  Here’s the basic thinking.

I’ve got a lot of different commitments and pulls on my time, currently. It’s gone on for a long while, actually. I’ve feel a bit of the tug in a rather tortuous manner during my worst moments.

As I recently worked through whatever the crisis was that brought on those feelings one recent day I thought, “Drawn, and Quartered…that’s a good image for my best practice and managing things, especially when it seems overwhelming, too much, etc.: ‘Draw up the plan for the day, work the most important to-do from each quadrant of your life, and go forward.”

The quadrant concept is an important distinction, for my thinking, at least.  I divide my life into four basic sections, based on what matters most to me:  my wife, my kids, my work, and then everything else.  The everything else rotates through the fourth quadrant:  care for my elderly parents, the service club I belong to, friends, writing.

So my basic goal is to spend time in each quadrant each day, to keep each area healthy, attended to, moving forward.  Of course, my success ratio varies day-to-day.  But that’s what I strive for.

After all, it’s in the planning, and then execution, that we accomplish the things we want to in the midst of life happening every day.  Remember, whether we plan or not, life happens. It’s what we make of the time that makes all the difference.

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