Seth, Fred, and Me

Putting myself in very good company, but you know, if you don’t strive for excellence, you’ll likely not get there.

Seth Godin and Fred Wilson are just two of the millions of blogging voices out there. They are two of my favorites as well.

Among the traits I like about both of  them is the frequency of their posts. They put something out there everyday. Often the piece isn’t very long. More times than not though, it’a got a little nugget (or a big chunk) of good insight. That’s my other favorite trait: the insight.

Mostly what I like about the frequency of the posts? It shows these two guys, they both get their voices out there. I suspect they have that little voice inside that becomes that bigger voice outside that says, “Hey, that thought that keeps bubbling in your head? SHARE IT.”

I’ve read that some of the best stuff about blogging is just this act: SHARING. It’s one of the primary motivations I had when I started this blog: get the thoughts down you think are worth sharing, and get them out there.

The motivation to do so? Pretty simple in the end.

Those thoughts you have?

They’re better out in the collective than kept inside. The sharing moves the conversation forward. Whatever the conversation happens to be. As long as it’s positive.

That’s what I strive for. Furthering the good out in the world.  At least a few words at a time.

So here’s to resetting to more frequent blogging. And sharing the good.

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