Onward! Revisited

I’ve written before about the simple, one-word mantra I use pretty often:  “Onward.”

It used to be spurred by a “Runner Attitude”, back when I ran regularly.  As in, “I’m hurting on these last miles, or climbing this hill…never mind…ONWARD.”

Now with kids and going deeper into middle age, my time and body aren’t able to accommodate distance running that required that attitude.  But the mantra has stuck in my mind in any event.  I still use it quite frequently.

I say “Onward” when times get tough.

If the difficult situation is my own doing, I invoke it to push myself forward, even if I just screwed something up a moment earlier.  I say it to myself a lot, but not to brush off the mishap.  Rather, I say it to kick myself out of the funk that follows a mistake.  I say it to get up, dust off, and get going again.

If forces outside my control cause things to go sideways, I have the same reply.  I say it not to dismiss the error, the situation, the problem, but to transcend it.  For sure we need to learn from mistakes, situations gone awry, etc.  But we don’t need to dwell on the negative.

We need to be purposeful and thorough in the debrief — depending on the situation, that maybe a long, drawn-out process, or only take a minute — but just as important, we need to move forward.

Take immediate action as required. Learn from the situation.




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