Strive to do a little better today:  This is another underlying theme that I look to for energy, fortitude, motivation.

Lately my to-do list hasn’t been getting much shorter.  I add more things and I seem to get less done during the week.  There are few reasons for this situation.

End of school-year for my better half (a teacher) means more activities for her; this results in me stepping up my role as primary caregiver with the kids.  It’s not a lot more, but every 30 minutes added with The Three takes away from other things I could (should?) be getting done.

Example from today?

I’m on the usual drop-off at daycare with 2/3 of the kid crew on the way to work today.  In addition, my wife had to leave extra early for work today (and will be working later into the eve), so I’m on hair-combing / prep duty with Number One before she goes to school this morning.  I’m also on pick-up and primary parenting duties after work.  So not much slack today.

Then was trying to get a little work done early morning, but the computer was doing an update.  Then the software app I was using froze.   Then my watchband broke.   Then…I was even a little later out of the house.

Mind you, I completely understand that millions upon millions of parents face the same sequence I just laid out above.  People have issues that slow them down all the time.  Not complaining by any stretch.  But in the context of getting other things done, the situation is relevant and has direct effect.

I’m also only willing to give up so much sleep — staying up later isn’t much of an option.  I already average a couple hours less than the NIH recommends for sleep on a nightly basis.

There’s not much time during the work-day to attend to personal affairs.  I can get a bit done during the lunch hour, but often that time slips away and there ends up not really being a “lunch hour”:  more like 15 or 20 minutes eating at my desk.

What’s left as the list gets longer and deadlines slip?

I’ve got to be satisfied with striving to do better the next day.  Find a few minutes somewhere to finish another task on the list.  Sometimes that’s all we can do.


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