Guy Time

As you might have picked up from other posts, I have three kids. As I say all the time too, I consider myself SUPER blessed to be a dad. Two girls, one boy, ALL GOOD. 

With three kids though, it’s more challenging to create one-on-one time with them. So much going on with life all the time, that we do a lot all together. It’s only natural. 

Today is different. Today it’s my son and me off for a day of adventure and fun. At least for us it will be that way. Getting the car smogged, fill the gas tank, hang out at home for a bit, then off to the baseball game.

Last year we went to a game, he was three, and lasted about that many innings. We’ll see how he does this year.

What really matters most though? Being together, him and me, soaking up just that. It makes us both shine like a star. Like the one he just drew on the sidewalk.  Bright is this day. And GOOD.

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