Debrief: Dad’s Day So Make Hay

Father’s Day 2017.  I gotta say once again, taking the sublime tact has been the right answer to finding joy and celebration.

No rafting trip, no golf outing (that was yesterday, of the charity kind), no ball game (that was last week), no trip to the beach (that’s coming in a couple weeks), just lots of QUALITY.

Here’s a breakdown.

Got up to feed the dogs very early, as usual, but then went back to sleep for two more hours.  NICE.

Doughnuts from my favorite shop with hot coffee at home. A perfect, indulgent breakfast and start to the day.  Chocolate old-fashioned and a buttermilk. YUM.

Visited my Dad and Mom together with my fam.  Nice chat on the back patio in the shade. Kids played a bit. My brother’s family stopped on too. JOY.

A little social media, posting some pictures from the Lions charity golf tourney on Saturday. Sharing thought and props with friends and golfers. GOODSTUFF.

A little writing was in the mix (this blog post). Summing up the good in my life, the particular tidbits that make it that way. I’m grateful pretty much every time I get words down on the proverbial page. HAPPY.

Eureka! Take-out for dinner, Bison Burger medium rare, Truffle Fries, some fruit from the bowl. DELICIOSO.

 Fun in the backyard with the first fill of the kid pool for the summer (it was flipping swelter of a day). Stood in there a bit myself to cool down. They had fun, we had fun, it was. FUN. 

Had a very good and insightful conversation with my better half. Learned about myself, laid a solid foundation for future conversations that will help us grow, and me be a better person. GOOD.

Yep, it was a fine day. 




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