One can be good or otherwise, depending on how you look at it.

One can be great if you’re in a competition and that’s what you end up:  Number One.

It can be not so good if you really really want more than “one” of something.  Like cookies. Or a beer.  Or a kiss.  Or a little more sleep.

I was thinking about this idea of “one” early this morning, as I thought about the work week underway, and the other things on my list to get done.

I gotta get more than one thing done each day for sure. But I need to remember, I can only do one thing at a time. Common theme: make a list, prioritize, then start the work.

Remember that old phrase, “Even a thousand mile journey can only be made one step at a time.” 

And as I accomplish tasks at work, I remember I have lots going on outside my day-job:  three little kids, a spouse, a home, two aging parents I’m responsible for, and lots of little things I want to do, feel compelled to do. These other things often end up being pushed back, sidelined, delayed.

The key point for all these “other things” is to get “one” thing done everyday. Even if it’s only ONE thing I accomplish extra per day, that’s seven things in a week.

That’s progress. One by ONE. And that’s GOOD.




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