Like that lyric from Bruno Mars, “…got to blame it on Jesus…Hashtag Blessed…”.

Another word for “blessed” might be “thankful.”

Often in my life I feel this way.

I’m right in the middle of a big pile of quality family time right now. You might guess I feel super blessed right now, and you’d be right. 

Board games, country music, foggy days, late mornings, hot breakfast, sandy walks, spontaneous dancing and singing…all covered with good chats, and deep, easy family time.

Yep, I’m super thankful. 

Funny thing. Last week I was right in the middle of a pile of sick peeps at home. 3/5 of the fam was illin’ with a stomach flu. Not fun…but somehow I still felt blessed. After all, these were the people I’m most responsible for, and I love them a ton, and they’re my family.

I’m very thankful for them. I’m grateful for the opportunity they give me everyday to be a husband and father.  They raise my awareness of timeless good, my sense of God, they deepen and re-affirm my faith.

The people in my family strengthens my clarity of purpose, my sense of direction. They provide a unique depth and diversity of relationship I hadn’t considered would exist. I keep learning and loving and being thankful. Wonderful.

Hashtag Blessed.

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