Charity. Do it. There is no fail.

I was with a friend not too long ago, a gent I’ve known for about ten years now.

We’re in a Lions service club together (one of 46,000 Lions clubs around the world).  He’s been in about 30 years, me about those ten years noted above.  We were talking to a brand new member about service work, and finding the time to do the work in the midst of busy lives.

My friend wisely shared one thing he’d been told early on in his membership some thirty years ago.  He recalled how one night he’d met a few Lion members in a pub (he lived in the UK at the time) after work.  A bit later in the evening, after a couple pints and a good chat, these Lions invited him to join their club.  

My friend politely protested at the idea. He explained that he’d  started a new job, had three little kids at home, and his wife was due with their fourth child pretty soon.

One of the Lions replied with a bit of timeless wisdom about doing charity: “Busy people find the time to do a bit more….”, and I think that’s true.  

There’s plenty of need in the world, plenty of people that could use a hand.  If you’re so inclined to lend that hand, DO IT.  You might be busy, you might have a “lot on your plate”, you might think, “Not now, maybe when things slow down a little…”

But the better answer is, DO IT.  Get involved.  If you feel inspired, listen to your gut, and take action, take the cause on, give a little time.  In the end, a lot of little efforts amount to more effort that existed before, and if it’s for a good cause, it’s worth that effort.

Naysayers, critics, know-it-alls may have critique for your efforts, either in quality or in quantity of time afforded…but don’t listen to them.

In charity work, there is no fail.  Because giving of your time and talents in whatever manner you can to help others is ALWAYS the right answer.

And my friend?  Well as I mentioned, he’s been a Lion ever since that chat in the pub.  Making a difference where he can.  You can too.

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