It’s Time

There’s no time like the present to take that step, take action, get into the mix.

Time to take a bath, make a fresh pot of tea, go to bed early, call your uncle, take a moment for yourself.  Time to take the dogs for a walk, time to change the channel, time to turn it off, time to tell your wife you love her.

Don’t be delayed, don’t be distracted, don’t let things get protracted, don’t let yourself get stalled out.  Waiting only makes you wonder, “Should I?”  “Could I?” “Maybe not…maybe it’s too late.”

It’s NOT too late.  It’s time to get after it, it’s time to make that call, it’s time to write that book, it’s time to sing that song, it’s time to finish that work, finish that painting,  it’s time to move forward with your LIFE.

It’s up to YOU.

Dive In.

The time is now.


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