WIP stands for “Work In Process” — there are a few meanings around this concept.

It certainly applies in the manufacturing world, the broad, middle ground between raw materials and finished goods ready for sale.   For that matter, cost accountants see it the same way, one of the many terms they consider in accessing their company’s assets.

I like to think that we’re all “works in process”, all striving to come closer to being finished goods.   Of course, as living things we have a finite life-span.  So while finished goods have a second life as the product that’s sold, bought, and used, we humans are out of time once we “finish”, in the final sense.

My preference is to consider that we are always striving to get better.  If things are good, keep them going and improve were we can.   That’s the ideal, in my mind.

My life tends to go along in a slightly different manner sometimes, however.  There are plenty of good spots for sure. But often, as circumstances change during the day, the dynamics and challenges do too, expectations shift, and I’m further from having things…”finished”, per se.

So I keep striving, trying to move things forward, respond to the unexpected quickly and positively, complete tasks as best I can, and try not to mind too much if I seem further back than farther up on the continuum.

I’m a walking Work in Process, working to get better, maintaining a sense of of purpose, perseverance, and joy along the way.





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