Spread the GOOD

We all can do it. Like happiness, it’s a choice. We choose how we see things. It’s up to each of us how we repond.

Spread the good. See things on the brighter side. Find the silver lining. Learn the lesson. Take what you can that’s positive and move on.

Here’s the best part: not only do you benefit from this tact, but so do those around you.  When you share the good, chose to be a little more kind, lend a hand, it makes other people’s day better too.

So how do we do it? Be the first to smile, hold the door for the guy behind you, clear the sink of dirty dishes, reach out your hand, share a kind word and on and on.

It all comes down to love, really. That’s what Jesus taught us, fundamentally. Love one another. Spread the GOOD.

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