Resist, Insist, Persist

In the day-to-day activities that amount to living, there is a certain amount of interaction required with “The Man.”  “The Man” is a euphemism for any organization, faceless entity, or otherwise that attempts to wield authority over our affairs, our decisions, our lives.

It’s important to remember these three central ideas when dealing with The Man:

RESIST the temptation to fold or otherwise immediately / automatically give in to what ever The Man demands.  Your opinion, your position on the matter, whatever it is, counts too, and you should be heard.

INSIST on being heard, insist on due process, insist on professionalism.

PERSIST in your effort to make your case.  The road is long sometimes to find fairness.   Take your time. Be thoughtful. Be consistent. Be professional.

The results you achieve may surprise you.


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