“…Deliver Us From Evil…”

What happened in Las Vegas last night, a mass shooting at a music festival, that is evil.

In the chaotic aftermath of the events there, people trying to save lives, people trying to find loved ones, people trying to make sense of the senseless, the cause is known: evil.

While we cope as individuals and a nation with the largest mass shooting in recent US history, we have to put the right name on this situation. The evil within another human being, someone who had become so distorted and misguided that he thought killing other people was the right answer to whatever the question was? 

It’s probably a lot of other things, but at its core?  That is what evil is.

We pray for the dead, for the injured victims, and we pray for their families. 

We pray for the first responders and all that did help amidst the horror.

And we pray for those that are helping the injured and everyone effected in the wake of the tragedy. 

And we pray,”…deliver us from evil…”.

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