…of the Galaxy…?!  No no. Rather, I’m referring to those who look after others.

And for these particular remarks, I’m thinking of the twin roles some of us find ourselves:  taking care of children and elderly parents at the same time.

Of course there are differences, of course there are a wide variety of circumstances that we might consider. But at the end of the day, guardian means “responsible for another person’s well being.”

Insuring small children are fed, clothed, sheltered, clean (reasonably), taught, loved – there’s no greater responsibility. Except maybe insuring the care for elderly parents, completely disabled, with no ability to manage their affairs.  A lot of times it’s unexpected, unplanned stuff that comes up.  Gotta deal.  Sometimes it’s small stuff, quick and easy; other times not so much.  Sometimes it’s issues and actions that require sustained effort and management over longer periods of time.

No matter how broad and strong your shoulders, it’s a heavy yoke to carry.   But carry it you must.  For them, the young and the old, for those you love.

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