MELTDOWN! Response: Grapple, or Give a Moment?

My son had a slow-building, morning meltdown last week as we were getting in the car to head into the day.   It started off mild but ended in near full crescendo of conflict.

[A disclaimer up front to frame the situation:   I know physically forcing a child to do anything isn’t the best path, and often flat-out the wrong approach.  Noted and  acknowledged.]

Regular morning funk became outright revolt:  socks, snack, mommy, shoes…meh.

I was about ready to start wrestling him into his car-seat when I stopped.

I was going to be late.  Oh well.   It’s not like I don’t put in the hours.

I was frustrated.  No need to take it out on him.

I chose to try to transcend the moment and try to make a lesson out of it, rather than a bout.

It worked out OK for both of us. He calmed down. I calmed down. He cooperated. We did what we needed to. Together.

Another parenting lesson learned. 




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