Little Red Teapot


Little Red Teapot, metaphor for a good wife and thus, a good life.

I started drinking loose-leaf tea recently, and my wife was quick to offer up her red teapot for me to use.  She got it several years back on a short vacation we took to London.

I’ve been using the pot pretty well every day since then, enjoying green and black teas, as well as Rooibos, Oolong, and others.  It’s fun, and delicious.  And hopefully healthy too.

Point is, my honey let me use pot with open-ended term.   And she even got me the teapot cozy to keep the beverages warmer, longer.

On this day then, our ninth wedding anniversary, I want to raise proverbial cup of tea to my dear wife, my better half, the mom to our three kids, the person who has made my life so much more complete.

May we have nine times nine more years together to enjoy everything our blessed life together has to offer.



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