Happy New Year 2018

New Year’s Eve, mid-day.

I’m sitting on the couch, getting some last minute donations buttoned up.  There’s family chatting to my left at the kitchen table and in the other room, kids are playing a game.  One is watching a Disney show on the TV in the room where I’m working.

Lots going on, lots of different directions.  This situ pretty well sums up most days:  plenty of activity, plenty of pulls on attention and energy.  Normal.

As we round out 2017 I’m like most people, thinking about what went well, and what didn’t.  I think about my to-do list, what I got done (some), what I didn’t (lots more).  I think about the basics of what I’m thankful for:  my wife and kids, healthy and happy (most of the time).  We have food to eat, clothes to wear, a roof over our head.  I’m thankful for my base of friends, the other primary foundation of my day-to-day life.  I know I’m blessed.

That said, I look forward to 2018, and know there’s plenty of room for improvement. I can work smarter, be more efficient, write more.  I can do better in my relationships.  I know I can make life a little better for those around me.  I know I can learn more.   I’m planning on publishing my first book early in the new year, and writing a second, with any luck.

I also know it’s going to be a big year of transition in one particular, major way:  my father is soon to transition into hospice care, after two years of a difficult life post-stroke.   I know he’s in the final twilight.  All that reality represents has me muddled with emotions, as anyone would be in my situation, I know.  There will be plenty to write about, that’s for sure.

So as the sun sets on 2017, and the early morning light of 2018 is soon to break on the horizon, here’s to all of you.  May you find good health, good fortune, and most important, happiness in your every day.  And here’s to bringing a little more GOOD to the world every day.  Happy New Year.


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