Common Themes

Start and stop and start again.

It’s in the doing that matters. No matter how trivial, the effort is what counts, thoughts out of your head, words on the page.

New job at work got things swirling in your head? New terms, new processes, new people, new demands and priorities, all piled up when the day begins. All these things pour over you like a never-ending series of breakers over the reef, over your head.

Start and stop and start again.

What else? Big life stuff, circle of life stuff, father under hospice care, the end on the horizon, looming. How to make the most of these final months? Or is it weeks? Help my kids understand Gramps is dying, won’t be around much longer. Matter of fact, intent not to dramatize, only help them realize, this is life, that’s my dad, soon no more.

Life elsewhere goes on, day in, day out. Plenty to do. At work, at home, in between. Plenty to do. Keep life going forward, keep eyes focused on the horizon, get some exercise, get enough sleep, be happy.

Start and stop and start again.

Scribble down a few thoughts in the blog, this blog, that makes me happy. My job? Happy. Being married makes me happy, my kids make me happy. It’s a choice, this blog, happiness. Make it so.

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